LAX Universal Magnetic Car Mount – Air Vent Phone Holder Mount

LAX Gadgets
$11.97 $29.97
  • ★ UNIQUE AND FUNCTIONAL CAR MOUNT FOR PHONES – No matter how strong the impact or road vibration is, you know you can rely on this heavy duty magnetic car mount. Thanks to its Powerful Rare-Earth high-quality construction, you can be confident that your smartphone does not fall. Also, it comes with an expandable jaw clamp to stabilize the installation without damaging the air vents!
  • ★ CLASSIC DESIGN TO FIT ANY ELECTRONIC DEVICE – Along with its magnetic mount and smooth surface, what makes this magnet phone holder for automobiles a stand out among the rest is its classic design that allows you to easily fit any electronic device, whether you are using a Samsung, iPhone or Sony smartphone, cellphone or tablet, you can put it on this car mount because it is compatible with any smart phone models.
  • ★ STABILIZE YOUR PHONE AND GET DIRECTIONS CONVENIENTLY – If your car does not come with a built in GPS yet, then install Waze on your phone and mount the phone using this item. Set the app to have sound, enter your destination and put it on this magnetic car mount with Fast Swift-Snap Technology, and you can now listen to directions hands free – no need to look at or touch your phone!
  • ★ PROTECT YOUR VALUABLE PHONE – This magnetic car mount has 4 HEAVY DUTY STRONG NEODYMIUM MAGNETS that holds smart phones freely, so it not only helps you avoid traffic accidents, it also avoids damage to your phone. Because of these magnets, you don’t need to apply too much force to remove your phone from the mount - just use one hand if needed, and you’re supposed to dismount it that simple!
  • ★ 360° DEGREES SWIVEL MOUNT – With this magnetic car and truck mount, you can rotate your phone or move your display at a 360 degree, While the base of the mount does not move and remains still in the air vent, regardless of how much rotation you do. you can guarantee that your smartphone stays in its position.


Go Hands-Free - Talk and Drive Safely! Ever have the need to talk over the phone while drivingPretty sure you have. But you also know that texting or calling while driving is a recipe for disaster. With this superior car mount, you can now make business calls while driving. Put it in your car, mount your smartphone on it and you can now easily “pick up” the phone while not picking it up, so you are safe with fewer distractions. Four strong magnets hold your phone securely. Quick to install. Stick Mount your phone in seconds and drive! Tool-free installation makes setup foolproof. Place the magnet metal plate in your case between the cover and the phone, Or stick on the round magnet metal on your phone or GPS. Set up the mount, attach your phone and drive off in under 60 seconds. Note: Metal plate may interfere with wireless charging. Remove the metal plate before using a wireless charger. What You’re Getting: Universal compatibility Impressive stability Set-and-forget operation Excellent usability Unparalleled durability Product Features: Compatible with Most Smartphones 360 Degrees Swivel Mount Use for Talking and Driving Safely Stick on Dashboard High Quality Construction Easy to Install.