LAX Portable Charger Battery Backup, 16800mAh 4 High Speed

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Designed with Style and Usability in Mind - Built for Modern Smart Phone Users!
Aside from being a reliable device, LAX Pro 16800 Portable Charger Battery Backup is stylish to carry around.
Not only does it feature a beautiful matte surface, it also has a simple curved design that other power banks don't have!

Compatible with Many Different Devices!
Some Chargers nowadays are designed to meet the requirements of specific devices, which can be a disadvantage if you have multiple phones.
But this Portable Battery Backup is compatible with almost all devices.
including Apple iPhone, iPads, Samsung devices, Google phones, and other Android smartphones.


Perfect For Travelers!
For travelers out there, LAX 16800mAh Power Bank is something you might want to invest in. Because it is powerful and handy!
you can slip this into your pocket discreetly! So the next time you pack your things for an outdoor adventure, do not forget to bring this.


High Speed Charging Makes Life Easy!
When you hurry you need things to be done very quickly. Lax Pro Portable Charger charges your phone very quickly and reserves backup for future use.
Since Lax Pro Portable Charger takes a very short time to completely charge your phone, its make your life easy.


Product Features:
✔ High-Quality Li-Polymer 16800mAh External Battery
✔ 4 High-Speed 2.1A USB Ports
✔ Micro USB & Lightning Dual Inputs
✔ Compatible with most Smart Devices
✔ Sleek Curved Design
✔ Anti-Dirt / Anti-Fingerprint Matte Surface
✔ Safe & Fast Charging
✔ 7 Omni-Directional Protection


Power up your smartphones and other gadgets, anywhere you go at any time you want.
Order one today to know what we are talking about and experience the difference yourself!

Note: Use the included cable, your original cable or a third-party one (such as MFi Certified or USB Type C).

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