LAX Universal Dashboard-mounted Smart Phone Grip Bracket

LAX Gadgets
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  • ★ CLASSIC DESIGN TO FIT ANY ELECTRONIC DEVICE – This dashboard-mounted cellphone holder features an expandable bracket that automatically adapts to the size of your unit, so you get a perfect fit for most smartphones and mini tablets, All you have to do is set your phone in place and then forget about it for the rest of the trip. Say goodbye to distracted driving!
  • ★ EXCELLENT STABILITY – No matter how bumpy your ride gets or how strong the road vibration is, this smart phone holder will treat you better then you expect, thanks to its premium grade suction cup. Just mount the unit on the dashboard or window (or anywhere else where it doesn’t block your view of the road) and start driving safely and conveniently!
  • ★ PROTECT YOUR VALUABLE PHONE – This clamp dash mount features non-slip bracket that holds electronic devices freely, so it not only helps you avoid traffic accidents, it also avoids damage to your phone. Even with these strong side grips, you still don’t need to apply too much force to remove your phone from the mount – you can mount and dismount your devices with one hand easily.
  • ★ 360° DEGREES SWIVEL MOUNT – With this universal car and truck phone mount, you can rotate your phone or move your display at a 360 degree, While the base of the mount does not move and remains still on the dashboard or window, regardless of how much rotation you do. You can guarantee that your smartphone stays in its position safely.
  • ★ USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN WITH TOP NOTCH SERVICE – Crafted with premium grade materials, Manufactured for maximum usability, this smart phone holder does not only leave your phone’s most important buttons and jacks easily accessible, But still, in case anything goes wrong with your product, you are insured with 100% satisfaction guarantee to get it replaced or refunded hassle free.

    Go Hands-Free - Talk and Drive Safely!
    Ever have the need to talk over the phone while driving? Pretty sure you have. But you also know that texting or calling while driving is a recipe for disaster.
    With this superior car mount, you can now make business calls while driving. Put it in your car, mount your smartphone on it and you can now easily “pick up” the phone while not picking it up,
    so you are safe both from accidents and from the police.


    What You’re Getting:
    ►Universal compatibility
    ►Impressive stability
    ►Set-and-forget operation
    ►Excellent usability
    ►Unparalleled durability


    Product Features:
    ✔ Compatible with Most Smartphones
    ✔ 360 Degrees Swivel Mount
    ✔ Use for Talking and Driving Safely
    ✔ Stick on Dashboard
    ✔ High Quality Construction
    ✔ Easy to Install
    ✔ 1 Hand Mounting


    One Size Fits All!
    Forget about changing your phone holder every time you get a new phone.
    This dashboard-mounted unit is designed to fit a wide range of smart phones, so you won’t have to worry about replacing it anytime soon.


    No More Distractions!
    Say goodbye to fumbling around trying to press buttons or readjusting your phone because it keeps slipping off while you’re driving.
    Just Mount the unit, set your phone in place, and you’re good to go!


    Save Car Space - Mount Anywhere!
    Don’t Let the “dashboard-mounted” part fool you. This smart phone holder will stick onto pretty much any flat surface in your car without taking away space from your cup holder or block your air vents,
    so whatever you’re driving, you can always find the perfect spot for it.


    Holding your smartphone in place while on-the-road does not have to be a burden. With the LAX Gadgets Universal car mount, your problem is solved!
    Order this amazing phone holder today to enjoy a worry-free driving!

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